Conversion = ROI Tool


How do you know?

STRATEGY.  What would it be worth to your company to have a PROVEN BLUEPRINT for converting PROSPECTS into SALES and then TRACKING your marketing ROI’s using Data Science vs from a sales person/department?


DMI’s President, Niki Dealey, is a Certified Conversion Strategist.  ALL DMI’s solutions are based upon conversions, hence our CONVERSION = ROI Tool.


Did you know just a 2% increase in marketing conversions = 25% revenue increase?


Let’s take a look at this AFFORDABLE tool a little closer:


Customer Insights.  Do you know enough about your existing clients and what they are looking for?


Opportunity.  Are there missed opportunities going to your competitors?  What if we could show you using Data Science and then recommend what to do with regards to your online marketing strategy?


50%.  Did you know existing clients are 50% more likely to buy from you again and they spend 31% MORE than new clients?


60% to 70% vs 5% to 20%.  The probability of selling to an existing client is between 60% to 70% vs 5% to 20% when selling to a NEW CLIENT.


Data Science is NOT a one-size-fits-all.  Your DMI Team aggregates our 11+ years of data together with over 20 online sources we have agreements with.  More importantly our DMI Team generates a number of algorithms that apply to Google’s standards or exceeds them.

Let Your DMI Team Show You how to increase CONVERSIONS = Increase Your Bottom Line. 

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