Exclusive Local Advertising on Steroids

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Let your DMI Team share how a never seen technology only major corporations and massive ad agencies have ever gotten their hands on, with an unfair advantage NOW AVAILABLE to you via your DMI Team!

What’s more is this technology has been tried and tested with over 10,000 businesses!

Let’s look at some facts:

Fact # 1
The average American earns $40,000 per year spending the majority of that income locally, with 91% of paying dollars spent locally!  Local businesses fight on who’s going to grab that piece.  How would you like to have your DMI Team help grab a slice of that insane income?

Fact # 2
96% of offline sales START online, yet 90% occur in local businesses.  With mobile devices the rage these days, this number is only increasing.

Fact # 3
Local businesses had NO REAL SOLUTION how to bridge the gap between online and offline until now, aided by your DMI Team.
Fact # 4
“TechCrunch” declared the industry between “offline to online commerce” an industry worth a TRILLION-DOLLAR!  Your business opportunity to grab a small slice!

Fact # 5
280m Americans (87%) are online 11 hours spend/day
Fact # 6
93% of commerce is still offline or a $4.5 TRILLOM market.

Here are the benefits of this STRATEGY:

Local businesses promote their businesses for FREE to TOP PUBLISHERS in the world: Bank of America, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Virgin Airlines, and the like. Business owners pay only a small fee attributed to “in-store” results or revenues plus a small $99 monthly fee to handle all the billing and reporting.
Local business owners are able to TRACK each offline effort using this technology for attribution and future growth.
Local business owners DO NOT carry the cost of any marketing that doesn't result in actual revenue.

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