Trifecta Strategy

Trifecta Strategy

Reputation Management
Online Profiles Everywhere
SEO (with a focus on Voice Searches)

By 2020, over 60% of ALL searches will be voice activated due to Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Siri, IBM Watson, and Bing’s Artificial Intelligence platforms. If your business is not registered on specific directories, where these platforms are pulling data from, your business will not come up.

Google now organically ranks web sites based upon reviews, updated content, and views. DMI FULLY understands their algorithm and has introduced our TRIFECTA, Strategy for about $1k/month. Trifecta includes 1.) reputation management, 2.) register and update your profile EVERYWHERE, including for AI platforms, and 3.) articles written about you/your business distributed thru our major media network due to our family’s 125+ years in major media.

DMI’s reputation management platform is for ALL businesses! If you/your business is in the medical/health related space who must be HIPPA compliant, reputation management is achieved exclusively with “white glove service.” (HIPPA compliant trained staff to respond on your behalf, unlike other reputation management services in the marketplace today.

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