Give YOUR Prospects the EXPERIENCE of a Lifetime!

Gone are the days GREAT CONTENT, unique graphic DESIGN, incredible OFFERS & a ton of TRAFFIC are the only key components of a successful web site.  There is one thing that most website don’t have: VISITOR CONTROL!

You can’t control what content a visitor consumes or what they do once they get to your site. . .UNTIL NOW with DMI!

Automatically deliver a personalized experience to each visitor using Artificial Intelligence.  Think of this like an Alexa or Siri for your web site guiding each visitor to what YOU want them to notice on your web site as if you are sitting in the room next to them.


Greets each visitor, including their name and location if you’d like, and then guides each visitor thru your instructions.
Increases conversions
Multiple Marketing Messages
Intelligent to know if your visitor is a FIRST TIME guest or a repeat visitor to adequately direct each visitor to unique calls-to-action
Controls visitor engagement by choosing the flow of information or offers your visitor sees or hears about
Customizable in 45 different languages, female voice, male voice, or child’s
Mobile friendly
Brands to your color scheme
Ability to turn off easily
Repeat feature to help visitors absorb your unique messaging/offers
Intuitive. Knows who has visited based upon an IP address, from where, and what pages of your web site your visitor last visited. Easily harness the data to make your visitors experience personal, memorable, and profitable experience
AFFORDABLE! Web Sites Starting at $3,500

Let Your DMI Team Diagnose Your Web Site Compared to Google’s Standards