Our mission statement is simple, yet the foundation of everything we do here at Dealey Media is “DO WHAT YOU LOVE, DO IT OFTEN, LET IT SPEAK VOLUMES TO THE CLIENTS WE SERVE.”

DMI’s Vision Statement is always of the forefront of our minds: “Master” our individual positions here at DMI. . . . . to treat our DMI team with respect, our clients as family, and offer. . . . .and be known for, cutting edge online marketing solutions that produces results to those we serve.”


Our Co-Founders are successful in their own right. Their combined 75+ years of seasoned business experience, contacts (including those from Silicon Valley), and hearts to “give back” to those taking a risk everyday to live their dreams is their driving force. Dealey Media is all about SERVING their clients AFFORDABLY!



Our Co-Founders have created a culture here at Dealey Media that is best described as: “Family” (Our Team) meets “Climbing Everest” (Strategic Innovation), mix “Mother Teresa” (We ALL Give Back to our Communities) and “Dog Lover” (Loyalty to our Clients) and you have a PERFECT DAY AT DEALEY MEDIA INTERNATIONAL.

There is NO CURE for our curiosity online. There are NO BOUNDARIES of what we can create, solve, or fix. We are given the opportunity to question, to learn, to innovate AFFORDABLY, and serve our clients by listening to their objectives. We don’t fit our clients into OUR BOX of strategies but find the best fit to THEIRS.



Dr. John Carpenter Dealey is one of the most widely followed International MASTERMIND Experts in the World! He is a successful business coach and mentor to some of the most successful businesses around. Anyone reading his LinkedIn Profile can see for themselves his passion to help others. Dr. Dealey also runs Dealey’s Advisory COUNCILS.com located in Dallas, Texas. He is an author, board member at Parker University since 2009, and avid reader. When he’s not at home with his bride and their two dogs, he’s volunteering for Global Mission Outreach (GMO), which he’s done since 2012.

Dealey comes from 3 pioneer families:

  • The Carpenters: responsible for Las Colinas planned development located in Irving, Texas
  • The Cockrells: Cockrell Hill of Dallas and the Trinity River
  • The Dealeys: George Bannerman Dealey honored at Dealey Plaza was the location President Kennedy was shot in the 60’s. George Bannerman Dealey started the Dallas Morning News (top 10 newspaper in the U.S.) in 1885 and then grew to 19 radio and television stations. Major media ties runs deep from within his family!

Dr. Dealey plays an instrumental role in Dealey Media as its Chief Servant Executive both for fellow team members and our clients.


Niki Dealey is President & Certified Conversion Strategist of Dealey Media International.  Dealey Media specializes in America’s FIRST Artificial Intelligence Lead Generation for Relevant Buyers.  DMI is a full service online marketing firm and ad agency that offers affordable and effective solutions for small businesses….. because results matter! She’s been an avid entrepreneur since 1991, having started two multi-million dollar companies; one in real estate and another in internet marketing, different than Dealey Media International.

Niki volunteers with two ministries very near and dear to her heart: Harvest Crusades and Harvest America, volunteering in various capacities since 1995.  She’s an avid proponent for organizations helping vulnerable children around the world. Niki prides her success predominantly by being a member of Dealey’s Advisory Councils.com, made up of business owners running companies between $2m – $400m in revenue.

She’s been interviewed by Neil Cavuto on YOUR WORLD, the #1 Business show on cable. She has been a guest on “Fox and Friends” on the Fox Network, interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, and has been written about in 3 books. Niki authored “Lead Generation in a Digital World: Embracing Strategies for Seamless Sales on Amazon. Niki serves as an Advisory Board Member for a Nationally Recognized Internet Association called LIMA – Local Internet Marketing Association.  Additionally, Dealey Media has been recommended as a top internet marketing company by ABC, CBS, NBC, & Fox News.

Niki is DMI’s Chief Visionary Strategist watching trends, helping to create various algorithms and strategies that convert.  Technology is fast becoming a focus in her daily DMI duties.  DMI introduced America’s FIRST Artificial Intelligence Lead Generation technology that is cutting-edge and one-of-its-kind.

She is married to her VERY best friend, Dr. John Carpenter Dealey, who together serve as small group leaders at Gateway Dallas church.  Niki is a HUGE dog lover, loves to read, cook, and play with one of her various tech gadgets.