About Us


Our mission statement is simple, yet it is the foundation of everything we do here at Dealey Media International:

Do what you love, do it often, and let it speak volumes to the clients you serve.
DMI’s Vision Statement is always of the forefront of our minds: “Master” our individual positions here at DMI, treat our DMI team with respect and our clients as family, and be known for cutting edge online marketing solutions that produce results for those we serve.”


Niki Dealey has been a successful business owner since the age of 25 years young. Her combined years of seasoned business experience, both in real estate and digital marketing, has enabled her to have strategic contacts (including those from Silicon Valley.) Her heart to “give back” to those taking a risk everyday to live their dreams is her driving force. Dealey Media is all about SERVING clients AFFORDABLY!


Our Founder, Niki Dealey have created a culture here at Dealey Media that is best described as: “Family” (Our Team) meets “Climbing Everest” (Strategic Innovation), mix in “Mother Teresa” (We ALL Give Back to our Communities) and “Dog Lover” (Loyalty to our Clients). Take that all together you have a PERFECT DAY at Dealey Media International.

There is NO CURE for our curiosity online. There are NO BOUNDARIES of what we can create, solve, or fix. We are given the opportunity to question, to learn, to innovate AFFORDABLY, and serve our clients by listening to their objectives. We don’t fit our clients into OUR BOX of strategies, but find the best fit to THEIRS.

Our successful results and experience has landed us on

President/Certified Conversion Strategist


Niki Dealey is President & Co-Founder of Dealey Media International. Dealey Media is the WORLD’s FIRST & ONLY “Artificial Intelligence – “All-in-One” Marketing Solution” for small businesses, start-ups, and solopreneurs such as: Authors, Speakers, Coaches, and Trainers……because results matter!

Additionally, Niki is a proud member of The Forumn. The Forumn is a group of digital marketers in the top 1% here in the USA. Qualifications come with high standards such as: success over a five year period, annual revenues over $1m, substantial media attention, and membership is by EXCLUSIVE INVITATION ONLY. There are less than 50 Certified Conversion Strategists in the USA and Niki is the only female.

Plus, Niki has been one of the most successful Mobile App developers in the last 12 years building over 1k Mobile Apps targeting small businesses with limited budgets who want to compete with major players in their industry.

Niki has developed approximately $2 Million worth of proprietary software, in an effort to help small businesses compete with larger brands affordably. An example: “NON-MLS REAL ESTATE LEADS SOFTWARE PROGRAM”. The software was created to have 17 fields for the different types of “motivated sellers”.

Niki has volunteered with Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade for 23 years and currently their first “ambassador.” She worked on Harvest America for 2 years in a row held at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. The first year was touted to be THE LARGEST EVER EVANGELICAL EVENT IN HISTORY, over Billy Graham. She also is an avid philanthropist donating monies to help fund orphaned children in third world countries and to The Wounded Warrior Project, Show Hope and locally in her community.

Niki is a HUGE dog lover. She is an avid introvert and can be seen hovering over one of her laptops while on YouTube or learning something online on a daily basis. Cooking for small intimate dinner parties, shopping (duh!) and volunteering pretty much describes this digital marketer who is at the top of her craft.

Charitable Giving

At Dealey Media International, we strongly believe in supporting the generations that are to come, especially those who have lost their parents. As such, we are proud to donate 10% of all of our profits to these two incredible charities:

Show Hope

Show Hope believes that every child deserves to have a family. They work towards this end through Care Centers to support children waiting for their homes, along with adoption aid and pre- and post-adoption support for adoptive parents.