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We are digital marketing consultants therefore we don't put your objective in our box of solutions, we HEAR your objectives, budget, and time frames and STRATEGICALLY recommend solutions whether we offer them or not! It's just not a "one-size-fits-them-all" professional relationship here at Dealey Media International.





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Working with Dealey Media International, you will find we are AFFORDABLE, RESULTS DRIVEN, and EASY TO WORK WITH. Check out our many Google Reviews.


Engaging a DMI graphic designer for your logo, brochures, and branding needs offers a wealth of advantages. DMI's professionals bring a blend of creative finesse and technical expertise, ensuring your visual identity not only looks stunning but also conveys your message effectively. Graphic designers are well-versed in the nuances of color, typography, and layout, creating designs that resonate with YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE! Consistency is key in branding, and a graphic designer ensures your materials maintain a cohesive look and feel, bolstering brand recognition. Moreover, they stay updated on design trends, keeping your brand contemporary. By enlisting their skills, you save time and gain peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities while projecting a polished and memorable image to your audience. BETTER DMI, our Graphic Services are AFFORDABLE! (Approximately 20+ logo options to choose $500).



Have you ever had a link on your website not work? Have you wanted to update your website with new content, services, or an address change, but didn't know how to do so? Or perhaps your website designer went AWOL on you? How do you log in? These are common situations the professionals at DMI often hear from clients.

Another common complaint we get is that business owners are quoted thousands of dollars for a website WITHOUT a strategic plan. Websites here at DMI average $1,750 WITHOUT a strategic plan.

Like a home, a car, websites need a fresh look to keep the search engines ranking your site. A typical website should be redone every 3-4 years. Another reason to redo your website is to strategically ADD new technology features that convert visitors into booked appointments or service/product requests." To find out more about our website design service click below.



DMI offers EXCLUSIVE Lead Generation Strategy called SBO. SBO is 100% GUARANTEED and only $425/month. For more information


DMI offers ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE lead generation tool called SAATCHI. SAATCHI is 100% intuitive, unlike a normal chat bot with specific questions/answers. SAATCHI is able to engage in conversations (unlike preformatted chat bot questions/answers) to book appointments, shows case studies, encourages your clients for their REFERRALS, aids in reviews, and more. Click the button below for a LIVE demo on your own website NOW!



As consumers become increasingly connected with businesses on their smartphones and devices, many businesses develop mobile apps to connect with their customers. If your company is going the app route, you want to be sure it’s worth your time and money.

While a mobile app can be an invaluable tool for many companies, certain company types may not necessarily need one.

However, should you be considering a mobile app, your DMI experienced APP team has created over 1k mobile apps! In fact, while many expensive mobile app firms can build an app, the approval process is where they get stumped, often taking MONTHS going back and forth with Google and Apple App stores before getting the mobile app approved and onto their respective platforms, costing a business thousands of dollars. Another consideration, is many times app developers STEAL one's intellectual property all together.

Please click below to find ways to use a mobile app for your company to see if it is the right fit. Then, start a conversation to obtain a customized quote.



Before a prospect EVER becomes a client, they must first be pointed to a website of interest. Each business must provide ample opportunities to showcase their brands and offers via a website. How do businesses execute this function? TRAFFIC!

Traffic sources such as Google, Facebook, and GEO Ads are a must-have for any company serious about growing their online customer base and brand awareness.

For example, let's look at an online retailer as an illustration. They can advertise their products to people all over the world using Ads. Ads that use carefully selected keywords and compelling copy can bring in customers who are actively looking for specific products or services.

A higher number of visitors means more potential for conversions, which in turn means more money in your pocket. Click below to learn the VALUE of using TRAFFIC to point more prospects to your website.



Prospects look at reviews many times BEFORE calling a company. DMI's Tapr Review Cards produce RESULTS right in front of your customer. Finish a job, putt our your Tapr Review Card (Google or Yelp) and ask for the review right then and there. Like all DMI Solutions, each Tapr Review card is AFFORDABLE: One-Time $320/each. Watch our Tapr Review video to learn more.


Social Media/Business Development

You won't believe it, but DMI's Social Media Strategy is seriously ahead of the game, topping over 90% of social media campaigns out there. So, what's our secret sauce? We don't just post stuff on social media; we treat it like a super cool BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT tool! Our awesome founder, Niki Dealey, is a Certified Conversion Strategist, which means she's all about turning those likes and clicks into actual results.

Now, most small businesses with tight budgets and limited digital know-how tend to hire folks who simply post things to look important on social media. These days, though, having a solid social media presence is like a must-have accessory. But here's where we shine – we don't just aimlessly blast content. We laser-focus on getting you results by connecting with your perfect audience, whether it's one person, a group, a business, or a specific niche.

Oh, and did we mention the "white glove" service? That means you can kick back and relax because we've got your social media strategy all figured out. You won't need to micro-manage a thing.

Get ready for a daily dose of 5-7 awesome interactions using our super-targeted social media strategy. It not only shows you as the authority but also builds a loyal following and can even boost your business. The best part is our AFFORDABILITY for what you would pay a Social Media Manager & a Business Development Team Member!


  1. Savings on Your Side: Going with an outsourced CMO can save you a bundle. You get top-notch marketing brains without the big in-house paycheck and perks.
  2. Mr. or Ms. Know-It-All: These outsourced CMOs are like marketing wizards. They’ve seen it all and can sprinkle some of that magic on your business. At DMI, you get the benefit of having Niki Dealey, a Certified Conversion Strategist on your team; America’s Top 1% of ALL digital marketers! We don’t just have text book knowledge, we create trends!
  3. Flexibility Galore: You can adjust your marketing mojo on the fly. No need to keep a CMO on the payroll when you only need them sometimes.
  4. Unbiased Besties: Outsourced CMOs give it to you straight. They’re not emotionally attached, so you get honest advice.
  5. Networking Ninjas: They know people. Lots of them. These connections can open doors to partnerships and exciting opportunities.
  6. Time-Saving Heroes: No learning curve here. They jump right in, so you save time getting your marketing efforts off the ground.
  7. Tech Whizzes: Outsourced CMOs are up-to-date on all the cool marketing gadgets and gizmos, so you don’t have to stress about tech.
  8. Skip the Training: Say goodbye to those long onboarding sessions. Outsourced CMOs dive in headfirst, no training wheels needed.
  9. Focus on Your Forte: Your in-house team can stick to what they’re best at while the CMO takes the marketing reins.
  10. Risk Busters: If things don’t click, you can switch things up more easily than with a full-time hire.
  11. Numbers Don’t Lie: Expect clear, numbers-backed insights on how your marketing is doing, so you can see where your money’s going.
  12. Market Magic: Outsourced CMOs bring fresh market vibes and trends from their adventures with other clients.
  13. Grow Like a Champ: As your business spreads its wings, the outsourced CMO can help you flex and grow your marketing game.

In a nutshell, a DMI outsourced CMO brings “hands on” experience, a helpful outsider’s perspective, flexibility, and a budget-friendly approach to your marketing. It’s like having a seasoned marketing buddy in your corner while you focus on what you do best. DMI offers AFFORDABLE options to grow with your business, yet get the EXPERTISE only multi-million dollar firms are able to afford! (Options as low as $500/month)


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